Welcome to my Story

Married by Andy - Andy

The organic love story behind Andy’s blossoming into an impeccably warm and talented Wedding Celebrant is as natural and exquisite as the unforgettable wedding celebrations he thrives on co-creating with you… 

Despite a successful blue chip career, Andy’s innate embodiment of all things beautiful, heartfelt, loyal and loving led to numerous longtime friends falling in love around the world encouraging him to qualify … because they simply couldn’t imagine anyone else but Andy to fly in and be their wedding celebrant! 

Already deeply in love with his own fiancé (the couple surprised each other with simultaneous marriage proposals at Mardi Gras 2017), Andy really got it: for once in a lifetime celebrations, it really matters who’s setting the tone, having your back, holding the space and devoted to realising your own unique vision of bliss … with a naturally faultless eye for detail - and the heart to match. 

Naturally, Andy responded to the increasing invitations with delighted gratitude, to date having beautifully married every one of the couples who originally dreamed he would - with enthusiastic word of mouth referrals creating just the right buzz for his new career as the bespoke, elegant and heartfelt celebrant of choice for discerning lovebirds to take flight.

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