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#MAFS - Married at First Sight featuring Married by Andy

Married by Andy at MAFS

“All I can say is it was a great experience and the excitement was palpable. My knees were pretty shaky as well haha I was almost as nervous as the groom. Ahhh I cannot wait to share the episode with you.”

At the beginning of the year I shared the above update with you regarding my upcoming feature as Marriage Celebrant on Australia’s most watched reality show!!! - Married at First Sight. 

I know many dispute watching MAFS but it really was the talk of town and many were all over it with divided opinions, talking updates, dramas, the she said, he said stuff that’s been fed to us by Channel 9 and the press. After all, it’s reality TV, it’s meant to keep you watching and wondering, it lives and thrives on drama and we never know if it’s all real or scripted or what’s really going on. Well, let me fill you in on my experience. 🤓

Initially MAFS found me via my Instagram ‘Married by Andy’. The castings were pretty fun, super exciting and I gave it my all and got chosen. When the season finally kicked off I was pretty excited to find ‘my couple’ and see where it’ll take them. During the promos when all couples were introduced, I could not find them and I was really distraught and confused as to where and when and IF ‘my couple’ would be in the show. Little did I know about the drama to come/ the ‘Intruder’ twist.  

Finally there they were - Susie & Billy 👰🤵🏻 - Episode 18 and adding another layer to the show. 

Married by Andy - Marriage Celebrant featured on Married at First Sight Australia #MAFS

I’ll never forget how nervous Billy was on the day you can really feel it in the video above as well. He was real cute actually and so relieved when Susie walked in. Well, she looked stunning to say the least, a beautiful, simple dress and a matching vail, just gorgeous. ☺️ She was super smily as well when she saw handsome Billy standing there. I did smile like crazy as well but yeah I don’t think she’ll remember me.

I’m super happy that MAFS showed a few bits of the ceremony, the vows, ring exchange, the kiss and I actually got a few lines on air as well - “Let’s take them across a threshold of life.” 🥳 

I really loved his vows and her’s were pretty funny too. Just real sweet and honest. I could feel Billy’s nervousness leave him when Susie was with him and they started flirting 🥰 and being real cute actually. We did the ring exchange and then the moment everyone was waiting for - the kiss. Well, have a look for yourself I think they did real well and were all smiles and laughter when walking back down the aisle.


It really was a great experience, thank you MAFS for having me. I loved being on set, seeing how the team worked like clockwork. The location, heritage-listed Lindesay House in Darling Point is just stunning with its amazing garden (perfect for wedding pictures), courtyard, views of the harbour, adjacent McKell Park, the beautiful interiors (Gothic Revival) are just perfect for a sophisticated wedding. Hit me up if you consider using Lindesay House for your wedding. 

What happened to Susie & Billy after the wedding? You’ll have to see for yourself and watch the recaps and the following episodes of MAFS online. There surely is many surprises in store. I did use the Channel 9 app 9NOW as it’s easy to use and you can watch it on your phone on the go. 

Happy for your comments below. Remember it’s reality TV 😉

Much love, Andy

Bit of a smirk lol - I should trademark my hair haha #bighaircelebrant 😂

Bit of a smirk lol - I should trademark my hair haha #bighaircelebrant 😂