What to ask your celebrant

Married by Andy - Happy Bride

I’ve been there. 🤗

Organising a wedding is a big deal and there’s so many little things to remember; To-do lists, excel sheets, maps, websites, endless conversations with your partner, ideas and dreams, expectations and the never ending debate over the guest list. 

When it comes to your celebrant, I think you really want someone who’s - a friend-ly, someone you ‘click’ with.🙃🤓 

For every wedding I’ve done, I wanted to be an extension of the couples network, a friend who knows why we are gathered here today and who understands you as a couple and as a person - a friend to celebrate your love. 🥰

Once you’ve booked your venue and have a date, you should contact your celebrant straight away as the good ones book out often more than a year in advance. To save yourself time, always ask these questions first -

  • Are you available on DATE at TIME?  

  • Can you travel to LOCATION?

Once the date/ location is discussed and your celebrant is free, that’s a tick off your list. 🥳

Now that the celebrant is all yours, be sure to ask plenty of questions and see if you ‘click’, if it feels right in your gut and you could be ‘friends’. Your celebrant is there to make your love shine and take care of the ceremony. She/ he will give you ideas and inspiration that should reflect who you are as a couple, and your celebrant will look after all legal aspects. Your celebrant should really take you by the hand and guide you through the processes etc. Don’t worry, it’s loads of fun!!! 🥳💃🥳

Here comes the bride…

Here comes the bride…

10 Questions

  • How many meetings are needed before the wedding and what paperwork is required, what do you need from us?

  • Are you willing to travel, what are your fees and what do they include? 

  • How long does the ceremony approximately take? 

  • Do you provide all your own equipment? Is your speaker of good quality?  

  • We want a personalised ceremony, how can you help us? Writing personal vows, do you help? 

  • Do we require a rehearsal prior to the wedding? 

  • What time will you arrive pre-ceremony and what will you be wearing on the day? 

  • What happens if you are sick on the day? Do you have a cancellation policy? 

  • Do you have a certain style to your ceremonies? 

  • How long have you been a celebrant and how many have you concluded?

I normally discuss all the above on the first call and then set up the first face to face meeting. Here we can relax, chat and really get to know each other, talk all legal bits and pieces, the order of ceremony and anything else you’d like to include or discuss. 

I will bring the first form to fill in, the ‘NOIM’ (Notice of Intended Marriage) to complete and sign before me, which is your first legal paper towards your marriage. All we need is your passports and drivers licences. If you do not have your passport, please bring your birth certificate and your drivers licence. All I have to do is to establish your identity as well as consent to marry from the two of you - so lots of kissing from your end really... 😘😉

I hope this blog helps you finding your ‘friend’-ly celebrant. Well better contact me now and I’ll be your friend. 😊

Much love, Andy 

Cheers to the Newlyweds 🥂

Cheers to the Newlyweds 🥂